Anti Money Laundering Procedures

Poole and Co is supervised by the Chartered Institute of Taxation for Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulation. This regulation is up to date for 2023/24.

Publicly listed, or nationally prominent, companies

A check on company’s house to identify the directors and a contract from the company for services signed by a director.

Private companies

A check on company’s house for the following

  • identify the company registration number
  • to identify the directors
  • to identify all Persons with Significant Control (PSC) as defined by the Part 21A of the Companies Act 2006
  • to check the company’s financial position
  • the articles of association will be reviewed

The directors and PSCs to be identified (see below).


The Trust Deed will be examined and all settlors, trustees and beneficiaries will be identified to the extent that they are still alive.

The trustees will be asked to provide documentary evidence that the trust is registered with HMRC under the Trust Registration Service.


The constitution of the charities will be reviewed. If the charity is registered with the Charities Commission a check will be made for any publicly available information.

If the charity is a company we will follow the rules for companies, and if a trust for a trust.

National Parks

The constitution to be viewed and a contract signed with a named person within that constitution.

Individuals and partnerships

All individuals concerned to be identified (see below).

Politically Exposed People

We have not taken on any Publicly Exposed People as clients, and have no intention of doing so.


Any one of the following will be treated as identification for the above purposes:

  • a specific recommendation from a known professional firm that can confirm it has carried out identification procedures for AML purposes.
  • current driving licence
  • current passport

Copies of these documents will be retained electronically. No paper copies will be kept.