Emerging back into the daylight

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

My book on farming is published today on Croner i.

To me, farming is the most important and interesting trade. It is about how we feed our people and look after the world and its other inhabitants. Climate change is upon us, and many of the possible solutions to this involve farmers. I try to provide a guide to help professionals advising farmers on all this, and I hope over the years it will become comprehensive.

This and other large projects have taken much of my spare energy over the last year. I intend to start posting articles again from time to time, so be prepared for more opinionated articles coming soon. I have recently written for Croner i about the capital tax problems that farm tenancies create and how recent announcements may alleviate these.

From the business point of view, I have sent out invoice number 100 this month, showing strong growth for Poole and Co and I think I can safely say the future is assured for the business, now in its third year.

With continuing inflation I am putting my hourly rate up to £70 (plus VAT), which is halved for trusteeships and directorships. I have limited ability to take on new clients. Therefore I am imposing a minimum fee of £500 plus VAT for new clients, and will not take on work with a statutory time limit within 60 days. My minimum fee for existing clients will remain at half the hourly rate – ie £35 plus VAT.